Minute by minute from Valencia: Demonstration against repression and for freedom of comrades imprisioned - January, Saturday 4th

by La Haine and Cartelera Libertaria

Last Update: 23.00

16. 00 - Valencia: At about 14.30 police has stopped buses that came from Cornellà (Catalunya) and Villaverde (Madrid). They haven't allowed the entrance of the buses in Valencia, doing searchers of all the vehicle and indentifying people. The bus of Villaverde-Madrid has entered right now in Valencia with 2 riot police's vans behind.

17. 10 - Valencia: Finally the bus coming from Villaverde-Madrid has been able to arrive at "CNT-Valencia" and the bus from Cornellà it's going to do the same in a moment.

17. 25 - Valencia: Demonstration of today is beginning to look like a great act of disobedience to the repressive and penitenciary policy of the government because, even though it has been convocated at statal level, it has not been legalized. According to the explanation of one member of the meeting of Solidarity with the Prisioners of Cabanyal to Cartelera Libertaria and La Haine, "the general rule of the demonstrations in Valencia has been for several years the nonlegalization. We understand that all citizen has the right of free demonstration so we don't see necessary the proceedings for the legalization. In spite of this, due to the arrival of the family and other associations at the meetings, the possibility of notify the delegation of the government the demonstration of the 25th of October, the first in answer to the police assembly against Jordi, Ivan, Isaac y Pasky and in wich 2000 people participated, was considered." For the demonstration of today the possibility of notify was considered, but finally it has not been done. After strong internal debates the idea of nonlegalization was reinforced due to the majority interest of "not enter in their bureaucratic game nor in paperwork nor in that one person must assume all the responsability, but to practise our right of demonstration, organizing us and with groups of own security."

17. 35 - Valencia: From the CNT-Valencia union it is commented that "the more conflictive place with the police is going to be, probably, the starting point of the demonstration."

17. 40 - Valencia: Soundtrack of the dissobedience: "We send you this MP3 song supporting the demonstration of the 4th of January against prisons and for freedom of Jordi, Ivan y Pasky, and supporting alternative media Cartelera Libertaria, La Haine, Pagina Alternativa, Nodo50 and Radio Klara".

18. 15 - Valencia: According to our server, the right-wing newspaper El Mundo.es is visiting the web of Cartelera Libertaria and La Haine every 10 minutes. Are they saving the trip?

18. 30 - Valencia: There are 6 riot police's vans in the exit of San Agustín square. At about 1000 people are in the square, but it's coming more people. There are banners saying "State is terrorist" and "no more prisioners. freefom for anarchist prisioners". The environment is calm.

18. 45 - Valencia: the police device is large, with 6 riot police's vans surrounding the square and several motorbikes. In the street of the square where the demonstration is going to go out, there are 18 police's vans in ranks.

18. 55 - Valencia: Demonstration has tried to go out of the square with the banners when the riot police has stopped them. They are answering about the rout and the organizers have began to dialogue with them.

19. 00 - Valencia: The disobedient and combative march continues clamouring for the freedom of anarchist prisioners.

19. 15 - Valencia: The march is leaving the council with a combative environment. People are doing graffities reporting "BBVA: burglars", "you fascists are the terrorists", "that's enough policial farcing" and "evictions are riots". Riot police is forward and behind but they haven't done a side cordon at the moment. Demonstration is going to enter in Las Barcas street (next to El Corte Inglés).

19. 25 - Valencia: The environment is getting hot when the demonstrators go through El Corte Inglés (a commercial centre). Anticapitalists cries are heard against this commercial centre. The riot police is with their helmets in their hands and surrounding El Corte Inglés doing a cordon (protecting the capitalism).

19. 30 - Valencia: Demonstration is going to the tribunal. It has left the area of El Corte Inglés without incidents. Riot police is nervous even though the side of the march is not cordoned.

19. 35 - Valencia: Demonstrators have arrived at the court of Valencia. There are graffities decorating the court of justice that say "malaspulgas resists, the fight continue" and "fire at the prisons".

19. 40 - Valencia: 2000 people are advancing. Leaving the court they are arriving at Colon street. Riot police is geting out the quarrels, the environment is very tense. Some demonstrators have told Cartelera Libertaria and La Haine that there is the sensation of an imminent charge.

19. 42 - Valencia: Police is protecting the Banco Guipuzcoano. Tension continues. Demonstration has now a permanent cordon of police at the left side.

19. 45 - Valencia: Police is surrounding completely the demonstration with the quarrels, even though the environment is very combative. People sing "freedom for anarchist prisioners" and deliver pamphlets to spectators in Colon street arriving at the bull square. Colon street is the commercial centre of Valencia, with a lot of banks and department stores. There are cordons of police in all the strategical points.

19. 50 - Valencia: the right-wing newspaper El Mundo.es continues its visit to Cartelera Libertaria and La Haine.

20:00 - Valencia: An attempt of charge has been produced next to McDonalds of Xativa street. Riot police have taken out the bludgeons but they haven't charged. Demonstrators cry "kill the state, long live the anarchy".

20:10 - Valencia: A cardboard doll of Juan Cotino burns while riot police is at one side. Juan Cotino is the government inspector in valencian community and as a result of his coming, the repression against social movements has increased.

20. 15 - Valencia: Demonstration has returned to San Agustín square where a communicated has been read. 12 police vans are in a side. The doll is still burning.

20. 20 - Valencia: groups of demonstrators begin to disperse before police's eyes surrounding the square.

20. 40 - Valencia: the right-wing newspaper has been visiting Cartelera Libertaria and La Haine every 10 minutes until after 18:00. At 18:15 we have published this observation and at 18.17 they have left the visits during nearly an hour (19.18). Starting from here, they have continued their visits every 2-5 minutes since now.

21. 15 - Valencia: family of the libertarian prisioners have declared that they are satisfied with the demonstration wich "has been pacific all the time but at the same time aggressive.There were a lot of people in the streets so it has served for showing them the present situation." They are happy too, because "any incident has not taken place during the demonstration and the charges have been avoided." They remember that this sunday, 5th of January at 14:00 there is called a march from the prison of picassent, where the prisioners are.

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