29 may: "G-8, get out of Laussane" demonstration coverage

Translation: Itxaso - La Haine

19.40 - Laussane, Switzerland: Some minutes ago the main demonstration has arrived to the Riponne square, the end route. At this moment music and dance colour a festive ambient, happy and without rain. Members of the pink and silver block dance next to other activists celebrating the first day of the mobilizations. Apparently, the incident in the Ghauderon square hasn't had big consequences.

19.10 - Laussane, Switzerland: New report from IMC switzerland for La Haine. The security of the G8 summit gets nervous. After continuing the demonstration next to the San Francoise square, it could be seen a lot of armed policies. When the demonstration has arrived to the Ghauderon square, about 20 riot policies have struggled with a group of the first demonstrators. They have responded throwing objects during some minutes. Quickly, dozens of riot policies have arrived to reinforced the repressive device, and then the situation has eased off. It has had tense moments where some people has run and some journalists have gone away for some minutes. Anyway there are not arrests nor injureds.

18. 35 - Laussane, Switzerland: Chema from IMC switzerland informs for La Haine. More than 1.000 people led by the pink and silver block is taking part in the demo "G8, Get out of Lausanne!", that walks under an intense rain and hail. At this moment walks next to the Milan's Park and goes to the train station. The policial presence is not big but it seems that the different organisations are a little bit dispersed. It can be seen communist, anarchist, trade union flags, etc. and a lot of instructions against the G8 and the big economic groups. "Fasten the dogs of the G8 and the Global Bank", says a placard.

18. 00 - Thursday, 29 May, 2003: Annemasse: festive demonstration in Laussane (G-8, get out of Laussane, at 18:00 pm in the place Chauderon / Chamonix (France, border with Switzerland): Demonstration in the Mont-Blanc tunnel for the free circulation). "It is said of non violence. Again the pink and silver block, above all, speaks about samba, about colours" (IMC Argentina).


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