The Art of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

x The Anarchist Federation

An invitation to the EU summit in Copenhagen 12 - 14 December

It's hopelessly un-modern to disagree with the people in power these days. Even organisations that should be in opposition to the capitalistic world order, are busy convincing themselves and in particular the state, that they do not pose any real treat to the established order. What they want is just to change a "few minor details" here and there. The reason for this sickening reformist way of thinking can be found in a deeply seated fear of being labelled "Radical", or even worse: Terrorists...

The state has invented a new term: "Terrorwar". This abstract and not yet concretised concept is used as an excuse to flush human rights and ordinary common sense down the toilet. When these actions are criticised, the people who commit them will refer to their sacred war against terror, while they're criminalizing and throwing suspicion on groups and organisations that doesn't have a damn thing to do with real terrorism. And the people who should be shouting: "STOP!" from the top of their lungs, are busy hiding in the shadow of Big Brother, keeping their mouths hermetically shut.

The art of keeping your mouth shut has also reflected on to the protests against the summits. When the leaders of EU are gathering to take us all a few steps closer to the United States of Europe, with USA as the big role model, they should be met with massive resistance from all who do not want to live in a corrupt, un-democratic European super state. But this is just not happening.
While Denmark has had the presidency of the European Union, far to many of the protests, demonstrations and actions that have taken place have been small insignificant happenings with a disturbingly low number of participants. This has to stop now!

Let us not be consumed by the hysteria that rules together with pacifism and inaction among a large part of the leftwing movement. We have the right to protest against the new world order; we have the right to scream our protest straight in the fat faces of the people who are leading our world straight down the drain.

And no, we don't want a dialog with the politicians. That is a waste of time. The most important part of the job of a politician is to have "dialogs" with the people that don't agree with them. They will nod, smile and say "yes, of course and naturally we'll look into that". And afterwards they'll do absolutely nothing about the problems they have been presented with. How can anyone expect to have a dialog with people who hire media experts, so called "spin doctors", to teach them how to most effectively trick the public into believing their bullshit? It's impossible to change the system from within; all you can hope to accomplish is to prolong the pain a bit. This is why we don't want a dialog. What we want is to be a part of a massive protest against the European Union, on our terms.

Below is a short list of some of the activities during the summit. Details and practical information can be found on our website

Thursday the 12th: The actionday will begin at midnight 24.00

Friday the 13th: Actionday & Demonstration Against Racism 17:00 from Enghave Plads.

Saturday the 14th: International demonstration 11:00 from Christiansborg. & Demonstration against police state Europe. 13.30 From Vesterbro Torv.

The Anarchist Federation hope people will show up and use their creativity and fantasy during the Actionday on Friday. Furthermore we're organizing an anarchist/syndicalist block in the international demonstration Saturday. If you represent a group that would like to join this block, you're very welcome to contact us on:

We don't want to participate in the public meeting arranged by "Stop Volden" (Stop the Violence) Saturday afternoon. Instead we encourage people to take part in the demonstration against police state Europe, which is arranged by different anarchistic and left radical groups in Copenhagen.
The reason for our boycott of the "Stop the violence" meeting has to do with this organizations willingness to work together with the police. Through this cooperation they have been promoting the false picture created by the authorities of "good" and "bad" demonstrators. In our opinion this means that "Stop the violence" removes focus from the counter summit and helps the authorities paint a false picture of the protesters, by joining the choir of hysterical ignorants who think that the reason for police violence can be found in the tabloid press headlines about "vandalizing black-clad anarchist hooligans". The people in power have a huge interest in making it hard and dangerous to protest against them, and it's just this sort of propaganda they need to further their own ends. People who don't believe this, are simply as blind as they would like us all to be.

So when they all gather in Copenhagen 12 - 14 December we have to be there as well, on the streets, so they can see with their own eyes that they can't scare people back in the couches with their talk of terror and war.

The Anarchist Federation


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