Demonstration against the visit of Colin powell in Helsingborg, Sweden: Constant updates

Friday 30th of august 2002

18.20 - Live from Helsingborg: Approximately 1000 people are protesting right at this moment against globalisation and capitalism.

18.25 Live from Helsingborg: SUF, Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), Revolucionary Front, and other offensive groups against capitalism as well as left party youth group are some of the organisations gathered here. "Reclaim the Streets" are joining us with music. Few police are present, only two cars and one helicopter.

19.05 - Live from Helsingborg: More police are joining and monitoring the demonstration as it continues to the train station. More people are coming, according to "La Haine" correspondents there is no sign of tension. The different blocks formed by autonomous, anarchists and antifascists are numerous and strong in the presence of the provocative police. It's obvious that the police won't attack.

19.15 - Live from Helsingborg: "Reclaim the Streets" continue to play music. Groups supporting Palestina and "Gays Anarchists" give colour to the demonstration.

19.20 - Live from Helsingborg: The demonstration has now reached its destination, the harbour.

19.30 - Live from Helsingborg: Representatives from all Anti-Fascist action, groups supporting Palestina, KPML(r) and Greenpeace, among others are giving speeches with a solidary and anti-capitalist message.

19.35 - Live from Helsingborg: The police are still keeping a distance from the demonstration and not interrupting.

20.00 - Live from Helsingborg: The demonstration has come to an end and the party continues in the city square with "Reclaim the Street".

At 23 h violent confrontation between autonomous and nazis occurred in the city park. 30 people were arrested according to the local police. An autonomy comrade was injured and had to check himself to the hospital, after according to the police "fell and hurt himself while resisting arrest".

Photo Gallery of the demonstration

During the demonstration... [MP3]
::: Intifada
::: Say hey, say ho, say NATO it´s got to go!
::: Krossa USA Imperialismen


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