Copenhagen: Repressive actions against Scandinavian activists

La Haine from Denmark. 13/12/02.- Indymedia Sweden reported that in the last hours the Danish police has carried out diverse repressive actions against Scandinavian activist groups.

At 11:00 in today's morning the Danish police was carrying out a razzia against the internet server of diverse groups of Danish activists. About 45 policemen were registering and copying the logs of visits to the server that hosts pages like house web of antagonistic information), (site of the disobedient group Global Roots) and (site of information on the summit). is an informative service that sends short news by means of sms to the interested people. Another of the intervened places is Global Roots" that calls to carry out actions during the summit, among them an action in the net with the purpose of blocking the official server of the summit. This action is not illegal, but it is said that it is the reason given by the police for the razzia. Another effect of this police action is the that from njow on, all the electronic mail messages, user's names and passwords as well as the logs of visits in those computers is in the hands of the police. Although it is very difficult that the Danish police could make use of this information in a legal way, it will be saved, just in case...

On the other hand, at 10.00 PM yesterday, a bus with Swedish union activists was retained 2 kilometers before arriving in Copenhagen during two hours and forty minutes. After this period they were allowed to heading for the camp, but before that the danish police commited incidents of abuses to three activists, while one of the demonstrators was expelled directly of the country.


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