Demonstration against EU Economy Secretaries, ECOFIN

La Haine from Copenhaguen

7S - (14.00, Enghave Square) - constant updates:

11.10 - Copenhague: Corporative media displays the debate on the yearned Dansk incorporation to Euro. They inform about the posibly arrival of thousands of demostrators to the capital city and, therefore, about the "hazard of riots". Police is already running a special security display.

11.40 - Copenhague: A police chief has declared: "we are sure today's demonstration will go off peacefully". He assures there will be 1200 policemen watching the surroundings, taking care of everything to remain calm.

12.40 - Copenhague: According to the network "Stop Union 2002", today's demonstration will aim towards rejecting Denmark entrance into EMU.

12.55 - Copenhague: Around 100 people stick around Enghave Square. Some flags from ATTAC and Rod Ungdom (Red Youth). About 15 "Peace Guardians" with orange pullovers, along with the motto "Stop the Violence" are settling at the square. Supposedly, these people belonging the organising network "Stop Union 2002", will forbid action to "radical protesters and hooded boys".

13.35 - Copenhague: 500 people are gathered at the square. Police presence is low. Most visible organisations are Ungdoms Front (Youth Front), Internationell Socialist (Socialist International), Globbale Rodder (Global Roots) and the Young Communists of Norway.

13.45 - Copenhague: Nearly 100 people are performing as "Peace Guardians". According to an activist from Globbale Rodder talking to La Haine: "we understand this security service is positive because it is of our own, and does not provoke demostrators". About the matter of the money given by the government for the performance of various activities, he said: "this has allowed us organising concerts, as much as an activity like this demonstration. It does not mean any control from the government, because we are saying what we think".

13.50 - Copenhague: A member of Young Communists of Norway has declared to La Haine that "the pretended connection between the left and drug-mob attempted by the police has no basis at all".

13.55 - Copenhague: The pressure from "Peace Guardians" is working: By now there is not one hooded boy in the demo.

14.15 - Copenhague: About 1500 people have just left Enghave Square towards Radhus Square. According to a member of Stop Unión 2002, 3000 people from abroad are expected to attend the December 12-14 movilisations. Apparently, the Copenhaguen Mayor office has not offered any place to lodge these people, so the organisers will be looking on their own for schools and similars to solve this matter.

14.35 - Copenhague: The demonstration is marching through Copenhaguen downtown merrily. Few police forces. The vast security service watch protesters to avoid any riot.

14.45 - Copenhague: The demonstration, stretching along 500 mts., is now entering Radhaus Square, end of the course. Music and dancing go with the march, watched colsely by hardly half a dozen bike cops.

14.55 - Copenhague: The whole demonstration is rallied at Radhaus Square. About ten Global Roots activists are wearing white overalls, others carry placards against golbalisation.

15.10 - Copenhague: A concert is cheering up the rallied. "Hasta siempre, comandante" and various revolutionary songs are being played. About half the demonstrators have already left. Ther has not been any hooded boy along the march, although the Red Youth Block has proved to be the most combative, carrying plenty of red flags and black stars.

15.15 - Copenhague: People are sitting in the Square listening to the parlamentary-left speakers. The atmosphere is quiet.

15.45 - Copenhague: News are arriving about an anti-fascist contra-domonstration in south Sweden, at the opposite shore of Oresund Strait, which separates Sweden and Denmark. Apparently, in Malmö (sweden) hundreds of young people carrying anarchist and communist flags, have booed during an hour a fascist action performed by 10 people, and protected by strong police forces. According to a demonstrator statement, this fascist action have made several organisations from the swedish non-parliamentary left choose for not participating of the danish demonstration, and for staying focused in the contra-action mentioned formerly. Finally, around 14:00, swedish cops have entered horseriding the Main Square in Malmö, breaking up the anti-fascist action (some of them have thrown horse excrement to the riding cops) and taking the fascists away in police vans.

Is global clash fading? Is local clash strengthening?

Demonstration against ECOFIN - photos:

"The Inciative for another Europe"

"Peace guards"

"No to Euro-State"


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