Interview with an activist from Norway Youth Communists

07/09/02.- A correspondent from La Haine interviewed a communist activist from Norway Youth Communists during a demonstration against ECOFIN, who answered questions about the anti-globalisation movement's situation, as well as about the dansk EU rule.

La Haine.- ¿What do you think about the presence of these "Peace Guardians?

Norway Youth Communists.- It is positive, because we get the chance of protecting from ourselves, instead of having the cops bothering and provoking.

LH.- ¿Don't you consider this as a strategy from the government to have control on us? The "Peace Guards" do not stop police violence, just demonstrators violence.

NYC.- I don't know. I wouldn't say so.

LH.- ¿What is your opinion about the money the government has donated (15 million Crowns) to finance these "anti-violence" groups?

NYC.- I think it is a good idea to have these "anti-violence" groups within this sort of demonstrations, but, anyhow, 15 million danish Crowns are not that important. The government can afford 23 or 30 times that amount to pay pro-EU propaganda.

LH.- ¿But, don't you believe this is a way of having the movement under control? ¿Would you not believe this stands as the end of the anti-globalisation movement?

NYC.- I don't agree. It is a very good idea to have "anti-violence" groups. Today's demonstration is pacific, and it doesn't matter how much money the government has given us.

LH.- ¿What's your opinion about the police campaign assuring there are left organisations funding on drug-dealing?

NYC.- That is just manipulation against us. Every time we put forces together and organise ourselves, they see us as a threat, and so they treat us, building up media campaigns against us.

LH.- ¿Is it not a sign of the growing repression against us? The problem is you are accepting money meant to have control under our own movement.

NYC.- We don't believe the idea that these anti-violence groups are meant to control our own movement. What we say is nowadays riots are not effective.

LH.- ¿What do you think will happen in December?

NYC.- I don't know, that depends on the police, but I don't think in Denmark is willing to confront the police. Almost ever when there are problems, it has been the police who looked for them. Thus, the developement of the demonstration will depend on the police's behaviour. If they don't want any problems, there won't be. But if they look for them, then...

LH.- ¿Shall you be here [at Copenhaguen]?

NYC.- Probabily.

LH.-¿Is it foreseen as a pacific demonstration? ¿what is your overview of the whole activity?

NYC.- Our goal is to gather as much people as can be and, of course, to accomplish a pacific demonstration. But, although our idea is to have a quiet activity, that does not depend on us only. If the police wants to, they can provoke, that is why we can assure a pacific demonstration. If the police attacks the demonstrators, those will defend themselves. We'll take a pacific attitude up, but I must repeat thet it all will depend on the police's attitude.

LH.- OK.


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