Interview with a Global Roots activist

07/09/02.- A correspondent from La Haine interviewed an activist from the dansk anticapitalist network Global Roots during a demonstration against ECOFIN, who answered questions about the anti-globalisation movement's situation, as well as about the dansk EU rule.

La Haine.- What's your opinion of the "peace guards"?

Global Roots.- I think it's something right from a non-confrontation view.

LH.- What's your opinion about the police campaign assuring there are left organisations funding on drug-dealing?

GR.- It is something that can't hold itself. Furthermore, they haven't a proof at this concern, but I think they are trying to criminalise all of us envolved against the system and EU.

LH.- When you support this initiative of the "peace guards", you are then also supporting the government assigning 15 million dansk Crowns to infiltrate into the anticapitalist movement and control it.

GR.- Everyone taking part in the "peace guards" are left activists, so they can't be "infiltrators". Besides, that money is being used to organise this also. I think is fine to have money to do what we please. We can express what we want with that money.

LH.- But you can't say what you want, since you are under police and goverment's control by means of that money.

GR.-We are expressing what we want here.

LH.- OK, thanks.


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