Frequently Asked Questions about Globbale Rodder

by Globbale Rodder - Denmark

Global what??
'Rødder', plural form of the Danish word 'rod', which has the double meaning of 'root' as well as 'undisciplined social outcast'.

Civil disobedience? Uncivilized obedience!
We view the global neo-liberal order of today as an unjust system of exploitation and privileges in favour of powerful minority. This order rests on our consent - and can be changed only if we take action to do so. Therefore we exert our right and duty to react against injustice in a non-violent manner, although we respect other people's motives for different actions and strategies.

What are you up to? Copenhagen 2002
Our main project for the time being is the mobilization and preparations against the upcoming EU-summit in Copenhagen in December 2002. Our goal is to ensure, that the European administers of global capital will be met by mass disobedience.


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