Minute to minute - March towards the summit

x La Haine from Denmark

December, 13 - Org.: Global Roots

8.30 - Christiania, Copenhaguen: The second infomeeting started at 8 in the morning. The march against the summit willl begin after that.

11.45 - Copenhagen: A part of the demonstrators has begun to chain its arms with others. Manu Chao sounds from the musical van.

11.50 - Copenhagen: The manifestation has entered the street Torvetdegade. 4 police vans watch over the march now. Supposedly the legalized tract would conclude 500 meters before the Bella Center (building of the Summit), in the street Vejlands Allé. Starting from this point the demonstrators will use the help of the group of white overalls to continue advancing.

12.15 - Copenhagen: After a stop, the march continue, even far from the Summit. It keeps arriving police troops, near 20 vans flank the manifestation in these moments. The atmosphere is still lively.

12.40 - Copenhagen: The Press commission of Global Roots has announced that the informative meeting foreseen for 1.00 PM is postponed until the action of massive disobedience concludes in front of the Summit.

13.30 - Copenhagen: The manifestation is arriving at the end of the legalized tract. At this point waits a police barrier. A spokesman of Global Roots notices that "there are policemen infltrados in the manifestation and we should be careful with them."

13.50 - Copenhagen: The march goes toward a police barrier that blocks the highway. The white overalls have been placed in the front part and to the lateral in an organized way.

14.05 - Copenhagen: Barricade made out of 11 police vans is blocking the road. Apparently, there are no anti-riot cops standing, all of them gathered within buses. The march has crossed a police stripe marking the end of the legal stretch, and is heading towards the police barricade.

14.45 - Copenhagen: Global Roots reporting: "The massive disobeyance action is heading back to Christiania, after reaching the limit zone 500 meters form the Bella Center. The march is being blocked by a huge police cordon. There has not been a confrontation."

15.30 - Copenhagen: Protests against the danish police in 10 Italian cities. Global Roots reporting that on december 14-16 there will be protests at the danish embassy and consulates in 10 Italian cities, including Genova. The protest are against the arrest of activists in Copenhagen during the EU-summit.

15.45 - Copenhagen: A demonstrator has declared to La Haine, regarding the march toward the Summit, that "I have not understood absolutely anything of what has happened. They have brought a heap of white overalls full with protection, they have propagate all the time that it will be confrontation with the police and when we arrived to the limit zone they turned arround. To do that there were not necessary so many helmets."

Photo gallery - March towards the summit
x La Haine

Photo gallery - March towards the summit
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