NGO forum - Stop the Violence congratulated the police "for a job well done"

by The Anarchist Federation - Denmark

The EU-summit is over, the Danish government is in ecstasy over their self-proclaimed success, the police are being congratulated for a job well done by politicians, tabloid press and even some of the NGO's, not surprisingly including the NGO forum "Stop the Violence".

But let us ignore those bigots for one moment. The Anarchist Federation would like to send a heartfelt thanks to all of our comrades who travelled from far and wide to participate in the demonstrations against the EU. Especially those who participated in the demonstration against the police state Europe, the unity and strength you showed towards the police aggression is more than admirerable. If nothing else, the demonstration provocated a reaction from the authorities that could only be interpreted one way; this is a police state!

As all who travelled to Copenhagen will know, the city was a very difficult place to move around, people were stopped and searched constantly and repeatedly. Hundreds and hundreds have had their civil rights violated by police. 94 have been arrested; all for ridicules minor misdemeanours, except 4 who are charged with violence and have been sentenced to remain in custody. ABC Copenhagen is currently working with the arrests and the imprisoned comrades.

Until now the press have been busy glorifying the police leaders and talking about why there weren't burning cars and mutilated law enforcers. They're have had very little information about the EU-counter summit. We hope that will shut the mouths of those who claim that it is the fault of militant activists that the press doesn't write about peaceful demonstrations. The press simply doesn't want to cover them. One story which the press is running though, and this is interesting, is a massive critique against the civil-cops who tried to infiltrate the anarchist, and several other demonstrations, officially without being ordered to do so (which is of course a lie). There will now be an official investigation against the civil cops, who also violated the mask-prohibition. We can't help finding it slightly amusing that some of the bastards who attacked our demonstration could actually loose their jobs because of this. But it should be the police top that should get kicked, because they gave the orders, of course they did.

The NGO forum "Stop the Violence" is also glorifying the police. Monday the 16th of December the organisation actually presented the police chief inspector Kai Vitrup, with a big cake, "for good teamwork". The Anarchist Federation finds this not only outragesly grotesque, but also a direct act of disrespect towards all who participated in actions and demonstrations which were attacked by the police, and especially those people who've been harassed, arrested, and imprisoned during the summit.

During the summit, the police broke all the promises they had given to those NGO's naive enough to start negotiations with them in the first place. They did not keep their distance from the demonstrations, they did make preventive arrests, they used civil cops as police provocateurs (the best proof of this is that the police managed to arrest one of their own civil cops during the anti-police state demo, because he was too provocating) and they have harassed people constantly on the streets of Copenhagen. This is not in the least bit surprising to us. But we hope that some of these organizations now have learned that it is never possible to make deals with, or trust the police. Those who haven't can fuck off.

Right now 4 of ours are imprisoned on false charges. 2 Swedes, a Frenchman and an English woman. These 4, which have been charged with "assaulting a police officer", was arrested in order to justify the police attacks on the demonstration "Against police state Europe". If you want to write supportive letters to them, then you can do so through AnarchistBlackCross-Copenhagen at -

We demand the immediate release of all the political prisoners in the European Police state.

Whatever they do, we will never surrender, so now we are going for Thessaloniki (Greece) in June 20. - 21. 2003, and we hope that many of the people who demonstrated with us in Copenhagen will come along....

Love and Anarchy
The Anarchist Federation - Denmark -


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