The second informative meeting of Global Roots (8.00): Luca Casarini, leader of the white overalls, arrested

Copenhagen: The second informative meeting of Global Roots has finhished: 31 detainees in Copenhagen, among them, 5 representatives of the Italian disobedient movement. One of them is Luca Casarini, leader of the white overalls

Some 100-150 people have attended the second informative meeting (in Danish and German) organized by Global Roots at 8 this morning.

They give the repression info until the moment. 25 people were arrested during the night, for things such as refusing to be identified, to carry sprays or even boats of paste. Toward 6 in this morning 5 representatives of the Italian disobedient movement have been arrested, and apparently, they will be in police dependences until Monday to be deported later on. They were arrested by the Danish police at the frontier after refusing to be identified. It has not still been organized any action in solidarity with the detainees, although Italian parliamentarian have inciated contacts with the government in support to the detainees.

Global Roots has outlined the necessity that more people adhere to the proposal of confronting peacefully to the police in front of the building of the Summit. "Some 40 people are needed for the first line. We had the Italian partners but they won't be able to be there". German anarchists and disobedients of the group Avanti has offered to be part of the first line. At 9.30 all the assistants have left to the meeting towards Margareta Holmen (where thousands of activists accommodate), and later on they will go toward the Summit.

Global Roots has insisted in the symbolic and no-violent character of the actions. "The first lines will decide how much the action will last and in when it will finish", they pointed out. On the other hand "we won't accept that the police surrounds us, neither that they stop anybody in the manifestation. Likewise, we don't recommend that in the face of provocative attitudes of the police people take the disobedient decision of sitting down in the floor. We always intend to stand up chaining our arms."

In relation to the virtual blockade of the web page of Global Roots, a member of this community has declared to The Haine that "we don't know when we will be able reestablish the web page".


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