Global action call against capitalism

Transatlantic Social Forum

A spectre is all over the world. From Seattle to Buenos Aires, from Molturen to Chiapas, from Genoa to Seoul, no place is out of reach. Hunger, war, pest and death: the four riders are leaving a trail of children death by starvation, by endless wars and lasting bombings, deadly epidemics of curable diseases... no place in the world is left out, neither is the hold out against the four riders of the capitalist Apocalypse, not even Madrid.

In Madrid, Chiefs of State and government officials of Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean will meet next 17-18 of May to celebrate the good progress of their business and their global economy; to compensate the support, the free hand and the sympathy of "leaders" from the other side of the Atlantic; to feast on the profits achieved by the neoliberal policies imposed by the centre upon the periphery: the profits of Telefonica, Deustche Telecom, Repsol, Endesa, BBVA...

Madrid refuses to be pigsty and inn for such undesirable riders.

Following the example of the rebellious dignity of indigenous people in the struggle for a world in which many different worlds fit, in which everyone's culture is to be shared, knowing each other's with respect, where knowledge is not merchandise. Following the example of peasants who are fighting for land all over, occupying plots, pulling up transgenic harvests, protecting life and Mother Earth; the example of women, like those in Peru and Argentina, organising themselves around a collective stew; the Bolivian creative women and the infinite dignity of Mothers of May Square. Following the example of 500 years of native people's resistance, we call upon the European, Latin American and Caribbean people to a global action day against neo-liberalism next May 18.

We call upon every struggle here and there to rally this day and spoil their party. To pull down their tanks and horses. So that our voice is to be hard again: Demonstrating all over our twin cities, blockading the II Summit of Chiefs of State from Latin America and the Caribbean in Madrid. Ever since yesterday, the people of Madrid speak up: "No pasaran".


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