Madrid 17-19M: The toughtening of the clash or going back to Seattle step by step

x Roberto Delgado *
Translated by Carlos Rivadeva

When thinking about street protesting, Barcelona comes up as the scene of one non-centralised actions day, along with another in which a vast, pacific demonstration took place. Out of any doubt, social movements achieved then coherently conveying social discontent. Scenic fear, brang forth by the terrorist violence sparked off in Genoa against demonstrators, was far out overcome. So was panic to the deepening of the imperialist war developed from 11th September on.

But notice must be made of this panic, being the reason for every activity to have been performed far indeed from the official meeting points. In fact, only a few times within the young history of anti-globalisation movement this came to happen.

Now, social movements from Madrid are intending to move their piece. Between May 17th and 19th three huge demonstrations have been organised, one per day. Particularly interesting shall be the one to take place on Saturday 18th, in which the goal will be "heading towards the summit". This rally might not gather as many people as in Barcelona. But now we must stress the taking of one step beyond. A step that once was taken back, a space intended to be regained in Madrid: the siege to power.

The blockade call ideologically involves going back to Seattle, Prague, Göteborg or Genoa. Those events were not conceived to be days of pacific protesting, but tools to create consciousness and direct answer. The efforts then were directed basically towards two goals: calling forth a potential problem for power (by adding thousands of people to anti-capitalist dissent), as well as an immediate, real and effective one (by seizing physically the meeting points, blocking the accesses, overwhelming police repressive efforts and forcing official delegations to be moved out to most safe locations).

Barcelona collected widely the first aim. But, as for the second, it has entailed real historical victories up to now for movements in the clash. And therefore, taking it back again involves the ideological recomposition of disobedience and political clash. Power won't just face a potential problem; furthermore, they will face -if the march ends up successfully- a problem right here, right now.

The "March towards the Summit" will come along with a street reclaiming ("Reclaim the Streets") on Friday 17th, as well as with another demonstration "against capitalist globalisation and repression" on Sunday 19th. The latter is expected to be the one gathering the most people.

This global action weekend is, therefore, a challenge itself.

*Roberto Delgado is an anticapitalist militant as well as La Haine's collaborator.


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