Unitary demonstration in Sevilla (minute to minute): Jose Laguillo-Puente de la Barqueta.
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00.01: The police put end to the demonstration. Some little groups have had problems with them, but the demonstration is defenetlyr over. The entry to the bridge is full of police men trucks.

23.47: The demonstration is touching the end. A group of people "cut" the street Jimenez Becerrill and they sat down in the middle of it.

23.35: there is around 1000 people at the beginning of the Bridge and they are starting to leave the place.

23.25: The situation is getting calmed down now. Some groups from the Black Block are leaving the place.

23.15 - Attention: The police is attacking at the beginning of the bridge. The raises are starting. It seems that the police men have stopped 2 people, and the rest of the people answered throwing different objects. From now on, the police men started to attack.

23.00: The end of the demonstration has already got at the Bridge of the Barqueta. Some groups dressed in black took stones, followed by many reporters. There are still people from CNT (anarchist) and mood is still tense.

22.47: The Marinaleda mayor is being incriminated by the demonstrators. A truck with techno music is crossing the bridge and the people is dancing.

22.37: thousand s of miles of people are still getting at the Bridge of the Barqueta.

22.33: It has been confirmed that two secret police men, stopped a young man that was at the Block of de SOC . There is a tense mood.

22.32: A member of the Anarchist Group Against the Capital said that around 10.00 P.M some people dressed in Black went to from the end to the very beginning. The Block of the AGA didn't notice the yields against the Black Block.

22.30: A lot of people helped out to kick the Black Block out of the demonstration and the place got full of police men.

22.28: A lot of people is still getting at the bridge. There is people playing music or just relaxing a bit.

22.20: Communist groups from different countries are going through the bridge. They sing along anticapitalism claims in English.

22.12: Attention: A Black Block group just appeared at the end of the demonstration prepared with self-defense materials, but every body started to yield against them and they have been kicked out of the demonstration.

22.11: A group of police men just asked at the members of the Social Forum of Seville how much time it would take to get again to the regular traffic. They wanted to end as soon as possible.

22.07: The main part of the demonstration haven't cross the bridge yet. At the bridge is possible to observe groups of people playing drums and partying. Small groups of police men are walking around the bridge.

21.50: The social Forum has put end to the demonstration, but there are still a lot of groups that have got there yet. They didn't read any communicate. They asked the people to go towards the concert and to don't stuck at the bridge.

21.45: The Bridge is collapsed with people. A group against the foreign debt has a sign with multitude of pictures and reivindications written down.

21.35: At the beginning of the demonstration is crossing the Bridge of the Barqueta towards the place where the concert will take place. At the end is possible to see anarchist flags from the CNT. 12 police trucks close the demonstration at the end along with many ambulances. There is a party-mood, with trucks that have sound system.

21.30: the beginning of the demonstration is getting till the Bridge of the Barqueta (the end of the demonstration). The police presence here is very high, and they are coming up more police trucks.

21.25: Between a lot of groups , there are visible the groups on solidarity with Cuba (they are taking a lot of flags), SOC ( that are bringing a truck with a place from where they are constantly reading communicates). Another block denounces the immigration law, with signs, half in Arab and half in Spanish. There are columns from foreign "Black Block". The ACC (Anarchists) is not being specially pretreated.

21.15: The Anarchist Block Against the Capital has around 500 people. The beginning of the demonstration has a sign that says: "For a social globalization".

21.05: The very beginning of the demonstration is getting to the Murallas of the Macarena.

20.58: some neighbors are helping out the demonstrators with the sevillian-heat, and they are throwing water from the balconies. The block of immigrants is playing drums and different instruments, keeping a happy music along the demonstration.

20.50: At the right of the begining of the demonstration, the banks Caja Badajoz, caja Madrid and BBVA are protected with police cars/trucks. The presence of the police is raising for moments.

20.46: At the very begining the people is playing with a huge world-ball. Groups of people are making paintings at a big supermarket line ("Lidl") putting sentences as "thiefs" and "exploters".

20.40: In every perpendicular street from the demonstration there are, at least, one car from the police. Their attitude is quiet.

20.30: At the very begining of the demonstration, a happy feminist group, dressed up in purple, with ballons and huts in purple also, is taking a sign that says "if it is feminist, is another world".

20.24: At the end of the demonstration the police presence is very little at the moment. A camel made out of paper goes all along the demonstration with a pelestinian flag.

20.19: A group of Basquians ("Here in the world") just opened a big sign in basquian that says "Agaisnt the capitalism, global intifada".

20.14: Groups of people playing drums and different instruments, a lot of palestinian flags, colors every where and an exceptional mood. We can say that there are around 400.000 people following the demonstration.

20.10: The very begining of the demonstration is going to the street María Auxiliadora.

20:06: They are coming up all the groups of people that belong to different organisations. There is a lot of people, included the people that stayed inside teh churh (closed up there). Thousands of miles of people are getting at José Laguillo. People from the Social Forum of Seville,at the very beginning of the demonstration, stand up with a big sign that says "Against the capital and the war, other world is possible". Another big sign, also from the Social Forum of Seville, reminds that "Nobody is ilegal".





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