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31/08/2009 :: Carlos Presente, Madrid

[English and other languajes] Special section in La Haine on the trial of Carlos' killer

x La Haine
"Never forget, never forgive" :: In this section we'll gather all news and calls related with the trial of Carlos Palominos's killer, on September 14th, 2009.

Report on the campaign previous to the demonstration of September 12th, 2009

The campaign Never forgive, Never forget launched in the proximity of the trial of Carlos Palomino’s killer, has covered every part of Spain. Since the beginning of the summer, thousands of posters and leaflets have been distributed in main towns. Antifascist groups coordinated all over the State, making possible for the campaign to reach numerous places.
In Madrid, Carlos’s face could be seen in most neighborhoods and towns.
Antifascists from Madrid carried out an unprecedented campaign, taking the message to the whole population. Friends and comrades of Carlos called the demonstration of September 12th in many events and meetings taking place during the summer, like patron saint's day in all towns south of Madrid. With the slogan “for you, for me, for Carlos”, antifascists reached the highest peaks of Madrid’s hills to spread out a homage banner, right behind the memorial monument build by Franco at Escorial to honor fascist soldiers that died during the civil war.
Last week propaganda campaign increased, coinciding with the beginning of first demonstrations. Last Thursday September 20th, ten towns held gatherings reminding Carlos and condemning the murder of November 2007.
Antifascist of Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Zaragoza, Leon, Salamanca and Burgos, coordinated themselves to go out at the streets, showing their political engagement to face fascist impunity.

September 12th, 2009: Never forgive, Never forget

In response to the call previous to the trial, about 8000 people marched along the streets from Usera neighborhood, where fascist demonstrated the same day Carlos was killed, to Legaspi, where he was killed. Hundreds of antifascist people came by bus to Madrid from other towns to support the demonstration.
An spokesman from Antifascist Platform of Barcelona commented to La Haine: “200 hundred people gathered in Barcelona two days ago in an action called and coordinated all over the country and we are know beginning a campaign against nazi impunity”
The front of the demonstration was formed by a big group of parents, Legaspi neighbors and Mavi, Carlos’s mother. They were followed by the main banner, held by Friends and comrades of Carlos. The demonstration was very colorful, with some people carrying big flags following a banner reading Carlos: Never forgive, Never forget. There was a lot of police deployed, but they stayed apart.
Alter the demonstration, the organization’s spokesman told La Haine how pleased they were because today thousands have demonstrated against fascism and capitalism”.
On Monday September 14th will start the trial of the fascist soldier Josué Estebanez. There have been called gatherings of support at the Court’s doors from September 14 to September 24th, 2009.


Never Forget, Never Forgive: Demonstration for Carlos 12.09.2009
Friends and Comrades of Carlos

The coming 11th of September will mark one year and 10 months since the fascist soldier Josue Estebanez de la Hija murdered our friend and comrade Carlos, as well as attempted to murder a second comrade of ours.
Following a long time of struggle on the part of his antifascist comrades, not only in Madrid but also in the entire Spanish state as well as across the world, and a long time of waiting on the part of his mother and relatives, the week of the 14th to the 18th of September will see the start of the trial at the „Audiencia Provincial,“ located on Santiago de Compostela Street Nr. 98.

We respect this procedure, and wish that for Mavi and the rest of the family and friends this can mark the end of a process for them. For us, nothing will change because we dont believe in this bourgeois justice, nor in its fascist tribunals. Our trial was held the very same day in which Carlos was murdered simply for being an antifascist. It was a trial held in every neighborhood and in every home, and which emitted its verdict long ago. Josue is guilty of taking the life of a youth who struggled for all of us against racism, fascism, and capitalism. He is guilty of a political murder, simply one more of the thousands which fascists have committed against the people, and it is all of these thousands which we also remember when we remember Carlos. We make with this a call to give the solidarity movement a strong push. Let the walls speak what the bourgeois press silences, let each act as he/she sees fit. The truth must be known on the streets.

We need to point out all the guilty parties. From the principal one, Josue who murdered Carlos, to the „Delegacion de Gobierno“ which allows the fascists to take to the streets thus making themselves accomplices of these when they parade themselves through working class neighborhoods in an attempt to sell their racist, homophobic, sexist, and fascist garbage, and the army for being the same fascist army which crushed (with the aid of Hitler and Mussolini) the people in 1939 and suffered no „purges,“ even during the so-called „transition.“ Today, the army remains a refuge of fascists, and a place where they are trained to kill for a supposed democratic state. We need to expose the bourgeois media for trying to disguise this as a „gang war,“ and thus deny this conflict of its political and class significance. And finally, the bourgeois fascist and capitalist state which remains, regardless of who currently rules, the direct legacy of the Franquist regime. It is this state which provides the groundwork for all this, and which is the real enemy of the people and the working class.

For all these reasons, we call for a demonstration on the 12th of September at 18:00 at Plaza Eliptica to which we invite all who wish to honor the memory of Carlos, as well as of all those who have been murdered by fascists for seeking a new and better world in which to live.


Translation by Fire and Flames/


Video of the fascist killing of Carlos Palomino
Madrid: On November 11th, 2007, a neo nazi soldier cold-blooded stubbed him at the stop of Legaspi subway, when Carlos and a group of anti-fascist activists, were on their way to protest against a demonstration of the nazi party Democracia Nacional.

scist coordinating committees and platforms from different parts of Spain, give their public opinion in view of trial to judge the killer of Carlos Palomino

September 14th:

Last Sunday November 11th, 2007, the young antifascist Carlos Palomino decided, instead of staying home sleeping, to attend a demonstration to protest against a xenophobic demonstration celebrated by the nazi party Democracia Nacional, that had been authorized by the Government Delegation.

To be antifascist was the only reason that caused a neonazi soldier Josué Estébanez de la Hija, to stubbed him to death.

The prevailing speech spread by the mass media, saying that the event of that day was due to a “fight among gangs” only pretends to deviate attention. The engagement with the struggle against racist, homophobic and fascist values, is far away from membership to a “gang”. In that case, it would be a gang made of thousands who consider this commitment a duty.

Fascist attacks and murders cannot be classified as “fight among gangs” because it imply to deny important true: the existence of fascist groups highly violent, that function here with more permissiveness that in any other European country.; the Franco’s heritage represented by the present Chief of State, Juan Carlos I, appointed by Franco as his heir in 1969 and the lack of purges in the scope of Law and Order forces and Justice.

This is on September 14th, day of the beginning of the Trial of Carlos killer, we say that we shall not forget, we shall not forgive.

Josué killer, It was not self defense, it was murder. It is not a “fight”, it is class struggle.

Carlos, brother, we shall not forget.
The best homage is to continue the struggle.

Sign by:
Acción Antifascista Salamanca
Acción Antifascista de Tenerife
Coordinadora Antifacista d'Asturies
Coordinadora Antifascista de Jaén
Coordinadora Antifascista de La Rioja
Coordinadora Antifascista de León
Coordinadora Antifascista de Madrid
Coordinadora Antifascista de Málaga
Coordinadora Antifascista de Zaragoza
Coordinadora Antifeixista Intercomarcal del País Valencià
Coordinadora Antifascista de Sevilla
Plataforma Antifascista de Zamora
Plataforma Antifeixista de Barcelona

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