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11/12/2008 :: Països Catalans, Europa

[English] Gathering in Barcelona to condemn the murder of Alexis

x La Haine

800 persons went on demonstration this night in Barcelona. They tried to go over the police lines and they got to block some important avenues from the city. Police charged against the people and there are two persons arrested.

20.10 Barcelona: People arrived to plaça Universitat. There are around 150 people right now. There are cops at the exit of the metro stations. Cops are searching through belongings of people. There are two banners opened out with slogans against the Greek state.

20.38 Barcelona: People are still coming to plaça Universitat. People started holding signs with slogans against Greek police and repressive forces in general. Now some people are reading a communiqué and explaining how Alexandros was killed, also updating people about the current situation of the revolt in Greece.

20.56 Barcelona:
People started to march in demonstration and they tried to go through Tallers street but cops stopped it. People walked around the square and cops surround them. Now people are trying to go to Pelai Street. There are around 400 people marching in demonstration.

21.18 Barcelona: demonstration walked on to Catalunya square and cops surrounded every street that the demonstration is passing through. The ambience is quite tense.

21.50 Barcelona: repression at Barcelona: Around 700 people started to walk from plaça Catalunya to Urquinaona. Later they went down to Via Laietana until the cathedral and from there to el Forat de la Bergonya. Here is where the repression started. The entire street was taken by riot cops from national and Catalonian police.

21.54 Barcelona: people dispersed. Police persecutes them by car and motos. The ambience was very tense and there is police everywhere.
People were shouting “No justice no peace" o "you dogs from order and law." Streets are full of police and there were riots in several places.

::: English Coverage: Solidarity actions in Spain with Greece revolts and the murder of Alexis :::



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