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Last Update: 29/12/2002

94 persons have been arrested
NGO forum - Stop the Violence congratulated the police "for a job well done"

::: December 14 :::

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Audio - MP3: Interview with The Anarchist Federation
Denmark [5:23 min]

by La Haine

Photo gallery - Demonstrations against police state Europe (III): Evidence of repression
by La Haine

Photo gallery - Demonstrations against police state Europe (II)
by La Haine

Photo gallery - Demonstrations against police state Europe
by La Haine

Photo Gallery - International Demonstration
by La Haine

Photo Gallery: Mobilizations against EU in Copenhaguen
by La Haine

Minute by minute
Demonstration against police state Europe at 14.30. (Vesterbro Torv):

19.00 - Copenhaguen: From Summitinfo: According to Cph. Police, all demos are over, 15 participants has been arrested during the day.

18.05 - Copenhaguen: The organisers state the demo's over. From a loudspeaker they are advising the demonstrators to break up in large groups "to avoid being arrested by the police". IMC-Norway and Summitinfo.dk reported "the police might have performed detentions at Larsbjornstrede. It is puzzling to see the official dansk police web page reports "presently no ongoing operations" since 14.30. Perhaps the police would have preferred this movilisation against them no to happen...

18.00 - Copenhaguen: The demo has reached Israelplads, end of the course. TV-Stop.dk acknowledges another arrest (there would be 9 up to the time).

17.55 - Copenhaguen: The march goes on by Norreport Station. A journalist from La Haine acknowledges another arrest.

17.40 - Copenhaguen: The demo strolls along Norrevoldgade. The atmosphere is tense. 50 police vans surround the demonstrators, as reported by Linda Hansen (Moskito).

17.30 - Copenhaguen: The police has forced the demo across on Hammerichsgade St. They are still harassing demonstrators, which are about 2.000 by now. Music is still loud.

17.20 - Copenhaguen: From Summitinfo: According to Tv-Stop.dk and Modkraft.dk, there are now 7 arrested at the AF demo.

17.10 - Copenhaguen: The demonstration goes on along Rodhuspladsen, by the Tivoli. Anti-riot cops have arrested about 15 people by getting in and off the demo for several times. The demonstrators have not been able to reply yet to the current situation.

16.55 - Copenhaguen: A journalist has been beaten by an anti-riots cop. They have not charged on hard yet, but the harassment is remarkable. Demonstrators keep on yelling off cops.

16.52 - Copenhaguen: At least another person has been arrested. Everybody's rushing now. The current situation is chaotic.

16.50 - Copenhaguen: The police has got into the demonstration and taken an activist away. A female journalist from La Haine has been attacked by an anti-riots cop.

16.40 - Copenhaguen: Anti-riots cops have made a queue on each side of the demonstrtion, surrounding it completely in a very hassling way. Demonstrators are not frightened and they are rebuking them chanting "no justice, no peace. Fuck tha police"

16.30 - Copenhaguen: Strain at Frederiksberj Allé. Police had sieged a street to protect several bank branches and groups of demonstrators have thrown bottles against the vans. Anti-riot cops have proceeded to surround the whole march and a van has been about to run the antiimperialist women group over. They are attempting to detour the march.

16.20 - Copenhaguen: The march has passed by a sex-shop and demonstrators have made a graffitti in its display of the feminine symbol. Others have beaten and spit it.

16.05 - Copenhaguen: The march goes on along Veserallebej, while the sky is getting dark. Police forces are not quite in sight. The disobedient block (about 300-500 people) have left the march in Verterbrojade St. and is off to the Indymedia Center.

15.50 - Copenhaguen: A bunch of disobedients and anarchists has taken the lead of the march, with a wall made out of balloons next to the leading placard. Thay have started to walk along with the whole demonstration behind towards the police wall. Meanwhile, spokesmen from the march were arguing with a police officer.

15.45 - Copenhaguen: The spokesman from Global Roots is encouraging people to resume the march towards the riot police bus crossed in the bridge, "because they won't let us go through and we have whole rights to do that". People has started walking and the police has decide to move out the bus. People chants "el pueblo unido jamás será vencido".

15.35 - Copenhaguen: The police has blocked the demonstration, which is stopped at the end of Vegerflev Alle. A spokesman from Global Roots is yelling through a loudspeaker at the police not to use violence

15.20 - Copenhaguen: The disobedient block has just joined the demo against police state in Vegerflev Allé. Some activists are burning an EU flag.

15.10 - Copenhaguen: Thousands of people march along Ingerslevgade St. against Europe police state. There is swedish organisations like AFA and Revolutionary Socialists. The dansk feminist anti-imperialist women group make up a very close and struggling bunch. Many demonstrators are hooded and rebuking the police units with "Fuck tha police". The anti-riots are wearing their helmets and there are many vans in a side of the demo.

14.55 - Copenhaguen: According to several reports to La Haine, there are 3 simultaneous demonstrations going on in Copenhaguen at the moment. There is the Anarchist Block, made of 2000-4000 people. There is also the Disobedient Block, made of 500 people, split from the anarchist block. At last, there is the social-democratic demonstration.

14.30 - Copenhaguen: The demonstration goes along Gaesverk St. A spokesman from Global Roots warns about the peril of being hooded and encourages people to join the block.

14.25 - Copenhaguen: Social-democratic organisations, parlamentary parties and ONG's keep on marching towards Enghave plads, from where they will demonstrate all the way to Rodhuspladsen with the motto "against violence". Soon rumours have been spread within the sotial-democratic demo, criticising the independent attitude from the anarchists and communists demonstrating against police state. An activist from Leftist Youth has reported to LH that "it seems that the anarchists want to force us into their demo, besides they are going to throw bottles at us. Thus we are going to demonstrate against violence".

Minute by minute
International Demonstration at 11.00: "Our world is not for sale - People before profit". (Christiansborg)

14.10 - Copenhaguen: The Black Block, Disobedient Block, the trotskist party Enhedslistan, The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey and Kurdistan, the Youth Dansk Communists and World People Resistence Movement among many others stay in the place, in which there are now about 3.000 people.

13.40 - Copenhaguen: An activist from the Black Block has reported to La Haine that "the demonstration against the Police State arranged to begin at 13.30 is to be delayed until this one is over".

13.35 - Copenhaguen: No less than 2000 people make up a massive black block at the time. Sturdy sticks hold their flags, many of them with mottos against the police: "No respect to the police. Stop the Police state". They are led by 500 people, still dancing and chanting within cheered Disobedient Block.

13.20 - Copenhaguen: The march is resumed, strolling along Norrevondgade. The police is allowing traffic to move along in certain streets, so the march is being eventually stopped. Anti- riots have put their helmets on.

13.05 - Copenhaguen: The demonstration is being stopped, now for 15 mins, in Gothersgate ST. with Norrevondgade. Some wonder why, but most is still dancing and chanting against EU's policies.

12.50 - Copenhaguen: 30 covered women in black outfits hold on iron bars the placard: "Pissed off lesbian anti-imperialists". Other placards: "Fuck Denmark", "Lesbians, bisexuals, heterosexuals, and transexual women: Let's destroy patriarchy". This block strolls outbound the limits of the main march, sidewards. Ahead, hip-hop crews rock the demonstration.

12.35 - Copenhaguen: The demonstration outreaches a mile long now. About 20.000 are estimated to be part of it. The lading placard requests "Rights for everyone. Stop racism and discrimination".

12.25 - Copenhaguen: More than 10.000 people are now leaving Christianborg towards Enghave Plads. Many red and anarchist flags, as well as items against the EU are scattered along the march. The music band walking along with the Leftist Youth block is playing old soviet songs.

11.55 - Copenhaguen: The march has not left Christianborg yet, because people are still arriving and different blocks are now being put up. About 500 people make the "disobedience block", led by a placard proposing: "disobedience against neoliberalism, for people´s dignity". Next to it, the "black block" is being made up, with about 500 people in it. They carry red-black flags and a large placard claiming: "Their force is our ignorance. Against police state and EU". Several demonstrators hold long ladders at the sides of the block, in order to "protect ourselves".

11.30 - Copenhaguen: About 5000 and 10000 people have already rallied. An activist from the Group in Solidarity with the Kurdistan People reported to La Haine that "EU is supporting Turk's government genocide policy against the people of Kurdistan. We are here to show our most strong repudiation against Europe of torture and massacre disguised in democracy".

11.20 - Copenhaguen: The "disobedient block" is now starting to gather, leaded by Global Roots, flanked by trucks that will carry live theater and music during the course. Hundreds of people are still arriving in the Square.

11.05 - Copenhaguen: Thousands of people are gathering in Christianborg Square. Global Roots, anarchists, trade unions, and lots of social and political organisations take part in this demonstration. Most of the mottos carried along on placards and flags denounce EU. On the way to the Square, antiriots have been seen, though never on the very meeting point, which is now colorful and cheerful.

Copenhaguen - Contra-repression News (Dansk Black Anarchist Cross):
14/12/02.- We have now knowledge of five Danish persons who has been released and one German activist has been deported by plane to Germany. More people have now been arrested for minor offences, these include "not complying to police orders" and "violent attitude", whatever that means. The police harassment continues throughout the city. Two young girls who was arrested this night and released from custody this morning were mistreated by the police: They where locked in cold detention cells and denied sleep all night by cops who came into their cells and shook them violently every time they dosed off.
13/12/02.- This night the streets of Copenhagen had a striking similarity to a military zone. Thousands of cops made roadblocks and checkpoints everywhere in Copenhagen, especially concentrated on the bridges between the inner city and Christianshavn and Amager, where the summit is being held. All activists were checked up, arrested for no reason, body searched and then released again. Police pulled people out of their cars. They also systematically went in to the all the city-busses crossing the bridges and dragged people out into the street. Some activists where stopped and searched repeatedly every 20 meters by police who were obviously indifferent to the fact that their colleagues had just done exactly same.
At least 28 persons were arrested for minor misdemeanours or for no reason at all. A large group of Italian activists were stopped in the street and when they asked what they were charged with, the police arrested their spokesperson and 5 other people, "for not following police orders". Several people have been arrested for "attempted vandalism", because they were in possession of paint or glue, and we know of at least one person who's been arrested for being in possession of a sticker (!).
The police claim that is has been a quiet night, the mainstream media states that the activist are shocked because the police are so "well prepared". But what has happened through the night is nothing less than a long series of illegal bodysearches, random arrests and severe police harassment.

::: December 13 :::

Minute by minute - Demonstration Against Racism (17.00)

Photo gallery - March towards the summit
x La Haine

Photo gallery: "March towards the summit"
x IMC Denmark

Minute by minute - March towards the summit

Copenhagen: Repressive actions against Scandinavian activists

The second informative meeting of Global Roots (8.00): Luca Casarini, leader of the white overalls, arrested

8.30 - Christiania, Copenhaguen: The second infomeeting started at 8 in the morning. The march against the summit willl begin after that.

::: December 12 :::

22.00 - Christiania, Copenhaguen: About 200 persons take part in the infomeeting about the actionday supporting by Global Roots.

20.30 - Copenhaguen: One hundred persons gathered in front of Norreport station. Police presence was very high.

19.00 - Copenhaguen: Around 2000 people participate in the Palestine demonstration.

First arrest in Copenhagen!
The ABC-Kopenhagen reports the first. This morning a german activist was arrested by the danish police in Copenhagen. The reason was that he had a knife, witch is larger than 7cm, so he is arrested cause the weapons law! Most probably, he will be deported to germany! To prevent things like this, we recommend that you take a look at http://www.anarchistblackcross.dk/bustcards/index.php
where you can read the 'bustcards' online (legal information).


IMC Denmark

Update from Copenhagen: On the European summit 12th-14th december 2002

The danish police, have started to harrash people who look like foreign demonstrators. They are demanding to know where the demonstrators are gonna sleep, and who will pay for their food, if they have to little money. If you are being harrashed or arrested for being foreigner inside denmark, then you can contact Anarchist Black Cross, at: 23392169, +21626523, +21626524

If you are being refused entry from germany, you should go to the Infopoint in Flensburg. The address is Hafermacht, Heinrichstrasse 8, Flensburg, Germany.
If you are being refused entry from sweden, then go to the "InfoKaféKph02" at Café Nutiden/Malmö LS(SAC), Davidhallsgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden.
If you need a place to sleep during the summit, then write us at sleep@resist2002.dk and tell us how many, and when you are gonna come. Go to our homepage www.resist2002.dk for more info.

The Anarchist Federation-Denmark

BustCard: Your rights in Denmark

The Anarchist Federation, Denmark: An invitation to the EU summit in Copenhagen 12-14 December
The Art of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

October, 21: Succesfull meeting of anticapitalist organisations from the nordic area.
x Global Roots
During the weeken 19-20 of October around 80 activist from more than 20 anticapitalist organizations form the Nordic countries gathered in Copenhagen. Guests from anticapitalist movement in Germany, Spain and and Italy was also present. There was two main goals of the meeting. One was to create a permanent forum for cooperation, coordination and common action among nonparlamentary anticapitalist left of the nothern area of Europe. The other purpose was to discuss the activities during the EU-Summit in Copenhagen.
The meeting agrred upon two statements related to the EU-summit and decided to form a common block during the big demonstration the 14. of december.
It was also decided to form a permanent network of organizations adherent to the hallamarks of the Peoples Global Action.

Why we are against the European Union

Who are the violent ones?


The end of arrogance: Decentralization and anarchist organizing

A Swarm of Butterflies: A Fierce Defense of Chaos in Direct Action

No borders! No human is illegal!
Global Roots occupies detention camp for refugees

Demonstration against EU Economy Secretaries, ECOFIN (september, 7 - 14.00, Enghave Square) - constant updates

Demonstration against EU Economy Secretaries, ECOFIN (september, 7 - 14.00, Enghave Square) - Interviews:

"The 'peace guards' it's something right from a non-confrontation view"
Interview with a Global Roots activist

Listen to Interview with a Global Roots activist- mp3 [1,37sec]

"Today's demonstration is pacific, and it doesn't matter how much money the government has given us"
Interview with an activist from Norway Youth Communists

Stop EU - Denmark 2002
Interview with Bertil Videt, danish journalist: "the Copenhagen police try to make a non-existing link between the far left and criminal organisations"

Bodyhammer: Tactics and self-defense for the modern protester

Photo Gallery - Demonstration against the visit of Colin Powell in Helsingborg

During the anti-Colin Powell demonstration... [MP3]
::: Intifada
::: Say hey, say ho, say NATO it´s got to go!
::: Krossa USA Imperialismen

Preparing the demonstrations in Denmark
Demonstration against the visit of Colin Powell in Helsingborg, Sweden: Constant updates

Globbale Rodder: a danish anticapitalist nonviolent organisation
How nonviolent struggle works

Frequently Asked Questions about Globbale Rodder

Activities schedule
The Initiative for Another Europe

Report prepared by social activists from Madrid (Spain), Basque Country and Argentina
For the spread of the riots: Manifesto in favour of violent direct action



Stop EU - spanish section

12-15D: La Haine covered the demonstrations minute by minute informing with special reporters from Copenhaguen.


::: Thursday 12th December

Palestine demonstration at 17.00. (Rådhuspladsen)

Reclaim the streets at 19.30. (Norreport Station)

Infomeeting about the actionday during the Summit at 21.00 in Christiania.

::: Friday 13th December

Actionday: Decentralized actions will start at 12pm Thursday the 12th of December and will continue the next 24 hours.
Infomeetings about the actionday during the Summit:
Friday 13.th 1t 8.00 and 13.00
All the meetings will be held in Christiania.

Demonstration Against Racism at 17.00: "No to Fortress Europe and Schengen". (Enghave Plads)

::: Saturday 14th december

International Demonstration
at 11.00: "Our world is not for sale - People before profit". (Christiansborg)

Demonstration against police state Europe
at 13.30. (Vesterbro Torv)
+ info about calendar

Links of counter information [english and danish]:

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EU summit 02


The Anarchist Federation

The Initiative
for Another Europe

Stop Union

Anti-imperialist resistance against the EU summit
CPH. 2002


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