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11/12/2008 :: Madrid, Europa

[English] Gathering in Madrid in solidarity with Greek revolts and the murder of Alexis

x La Haine

Around 300 persons have gone on demonstration tonight in Madrid.
There have been confrontations between riot police and demonstrators. One police station was attacked as well as banks and shops from the city centre. There are 9 persons arrested and several persons injures.

20.20 Madrid: There were 300 people in La Puerta del Sol square. Many official Medias arrived. People gathered surrounded by many banners with slogans like "State=assassin", "we will not forget our fallen brothers and we will not forget our living enemies”,” Solidarity with Greek people. Alexandros remains with us ","Here as in Greece, police assassin ".

20.30 Madrid: The demonstration started to move on. People are singing slogans against police in solidarity with Greek people. There were also some Greek people who were singing slogans in Greek.

20.44 Madrid: The demonstration continues through Preciados street. People graffitied the shop Windows of the famous shop “El Corte Ingles” and were singing anti capitalist slogans. People stopped when they arrived to Callao square and sang slogans in memory of Alexandros.

20.46 Madrid: people have now reached the Telefonica building and all of “Gran Via” is blocked. People are graffiting in every big shop window. There is a cop’s car ahead of the demonstration and several riot police trucks behind it. The slogan on the banner in front is; “From Athens to Madrid, all against state terrorism”

20.52 Madrid: The demonstration walked through Montera Street. People were throwing firecrackers and singing slogans against the police. Cops were watching every street that crosses the main street.

Madrid 21.00: Police station at Montera Street was attacked with stones, paint and eggs filled with paint. People tried to come into the building but cops trenched themselves inside with weapons. Afterwards people went down to Sol Square where there was another riot.

Madrid 21.02: From Sol square people went to Jacinto Benavente square. From there, a group of around 200 people walked to Tirso de Molina Square. People attacked the headquarters and the symbols of the capitalist banks; shops; malls,…and several barricades were made. Riot cops ran behind them and as demonstrators arrived at Tirso de Molina square

Madrid 21.08: From Tirso de Molina, demonstrators went to Duque de Alba street, where a burning barricade blocked the street. Some banks were attacked and were completely destroyed.

21.15 Madrid: Riot police charged again against demonstrators at Toledo Street. We could see around 12 police vans with sirens on. Apparently there were no gangs of demonstrators anymore and several people were arrested.

21.25 Madrid: More patrol cars arrived to La Latina square and San Francisco Street, and we could see a few ambulances and fire brigade trucks. Demonstrators disappeared. We waited for new information about people who were arrested.

21.42 Madrid: One witness assured La Haine that there was at least one person arrested: "I have seen one persone arrested in Montera Street, he wore black clothes, and he was lying on the ground with a cop stepping on his back”. We were afraid that there was at least one other person arrested.

22.00 Madrid: Several witnesses tell La Haine, that they have witnessed police arresting 4 people. Montera Street is still blocked. We saw an ambulance turning into that street driving to the attacked police station. It means that there were possibly injured demonstrators or police there.

21.12 Madrid: We can confirm that there are 4 people arrested and probable that there are two more people as well. There were also riots and police charges in the Lavapies neighbourhood.

::: English Coverage: Solidarity actions in Spain with Greece revolts and the murder of Alexis :::



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