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Genoa: The truth on the murder of Carlo Giuliani

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1. The Victim - 23 year old Carlo Giuliani. He lives in a squatted building in Genoa and works with the Northeast Social Center. He has good relations with his parents, whom he told he might not attend the demonstrations, as he might go the beach instead. He has a minor criminal record for insulting a police officer.


2. The police car smashes into a steel garbage bin overturned on the side of the road. Two things occur: The protesters set upon the car and the fire extinguisher is seen clearly, thrown to them from the broken back window.
It is unlikely the fire extinguisher belongs to the protesters, as it is too heavy to carry while running. Furthermore, it did not fall into the vehicle, as you would expect if it was thrown into or against the window.
In the background, the carabinieri on the right calls for reinforcements, which are less than thirty meters away.

Foto 1

3. The demonstrator in the left who wears the purple sweatshirt makes the gesture of throwing a stone. The carabinieri in the back, who has his pistol out of the back window, points it to him.
Carlo Giuliani (masked, lower right) is standing presumably looking at the extinguisher. He has not yet been seen by the policeman with the pistol.
Meanwhile, other protesters attempt to wedge a piece of lumber into the land rover.


4. The protester in the purple sweatshirt has seen that the carabinieri points the gun to him and attempts to run away from the police car.
Carlo Giuliani can be seen picking up the fire extinguisher. It seems that the carabinieri holding the pistol has not yet seen Carlo, since he is bent, and another protester is right in front of him, near to trip on the extinguisher. Neither the protesters in the background with the lumber nor Carlo appear to be unaware that the officer has drawn his weapon.

5. Here we see that the protester in the sweatshirt has fallen to his knees. The protesters with the lumber appear to be ready to flee (they have taken the lumber out of the window and have turned around). Carlo Giuliani now has the fire extinguisher in his hands right in front of his face at the moment in which he is clearly noticed for the first time by the policeman with the gun. This is when the firing takes place.


Foto 13

6. Photo 5 enlarged. Carlo is looking up, he may just have noticed the carabinieri pointing the gun at him. He has the fire extinguisher in his hands right in front of his face. He is not poised to hurl it, since the position of his arms is more defensive than offensive.
Even so the policeman shoots, but not to "defend " himself from Carlo, since in the few seconds that the whole action lasts, several protesters attack the car (at least another one has also been pointed by the officer) and Carlo apparently is shot at the very moment when he is seen.
It seems that it was an indiscriminate act. The carabinieri was ready to shoot, and Carlo was killed because he was the closest to the car. Besides, if Carlo would have noticed that the policeman had drawn his gun, he would have fled as the others did.
It was not self-defence, it was murder.

7. Carlo crumples to the ground. Blood is pouring from his left eye, apparently the site of the entrance wound. The force of the bullet spun him around before he fell. According to some versions he received two shots (another one in the forehead).
Right at that moment another activist crouches to pick up a stone when he notices that Carlo has been shot.


Foto 5

8. The front part of the land rover is still flush against the rubbish bin at this point. The protesters flee at the possibility that the carabinieri continues shooting.

9. The land rover driver put the car into reverse gear and the back wheel runs over Carlo's stomach.


Foto 7

10. The police car shifted into forward gear and drives once more, this time over Carlo's thighs.
They move forward only a few meters, and many carabinieri reinforcements in full riot gear can be seen. If they were this close to the land rover only seconds after the shot, why was the shooting necessary? Existed in addition the necessity to run over Carlo? Note the carabinieri on the left holds his hands to his helmet in shock. The officer who fired the shot is now visible in the back of the vehicle (he appears to be wearing a ski mask to fit behind the carabinieri gas masks).

11. From this close up we can see that the entrance wound was in the left eye and that the exit wound was likely behind the left temple.


12. Protesters run forward to Carlo and attempt to staunch the wound in the eye socket. Carlo has already lost about a liter of blood externally, and there is much more internal bleeding in the cranial cavity.

13. Someone has dressed Carlo in something like a shirt. Police and demonstrators keep fighting and a protester tries to remove Carlo's body while another recriminates his lack of care.


Foto 10

14. Someone has placed a kerchief or bandage underneath Carlo's head.
According to reports, the police and demonstrators fought backwards and forwards over the body for several hours. Note that the clothes of this police riot group are different than the ones from photos 2 and 10.

15. After a line of police is formed in front of the body, sanitary personnel come to Carlo's body. They strip him from the waist and remove his ski mask. The situation is hopeless. A nurse holds her head with her hands suggesting desperation. We can also see here a hole in the forehead, possibly the entrance wound of another bullet.


16. Police and carabinieri gawk at Carlo's body. We can see the stomach and tights out of shape due to the run over.

Roten Hilfe Göttingen/La Haine    
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